Red Hat Ceph Storage Support Policies

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Q: How does Red Hat Global Support Services handle third-party software, drivers, and/or uncertified hardware/hypervisors?

A: Read the article for full details. The short answer is, it depends on whether the third-party entity is the suspected source of the problem. If the third-party item is not the suspected cause, then the Red Hat product is supported as normal.

Q: How do my RHEL-OSP subscriptions allow me to interoperate with a Ceph storage cluster?

A: All RHEL-OSP customers receive access to the Ceph drivers and Red Hat Ceph Storage installer, administrative server, and Ceph monitor components as part of their subscription. This allows customers to have RHEL OpenStack Platform do much of the initial Ceph Storage configuration and also run Ceph Storage services coresident with RHEL OpenStack Platform for controller nodes.

Q: Are there separate entitlements for the Ceph Object Gateway (RGW) or kernel drivers for Ceph?

A: All Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers have access to the RGW software via the rhceph-tools content set. Similarly, the kernel drivers and associated client-side tools all ship by default with base Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.