Red Hat Enterprise Linux asynchronous kernel and user-space updates to be released at the same time.

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Red Hat will be releasing user-space and kernel updates at the same time.

The most notable change for customers is that they will not receive a steady stream of errata notifications for user-space packages. Rather, the majority of notifications will be provided by delivering both kernel and user-space updates at the same time.

Changes will take effect with RHEL 7.1 and are also planned to take effect post RHEL 6.7 GA.


This will allow customers to plan their update windows and internal qualifications. It will also minimize the "noise" of errata notification that are sent to all customers.


Urgent security fixes are excluded and will continue to be made available at the discretion of Red Hat. For more information, please see the Product Security Severity Classification Policy Page.

The process for disseminating hotfixes directly to users will also remain unaffected. The inclusion criteria for updates via z-stream/EUS and hotfixes remains unchanged.


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