Does Red Hat support the integrated audio on my graphics adapter with DisplayPort?

Updated -


  • As of RHEL6.2 audio on graphics cards with DisplayPorts should work.
  • RHEL5 DisplayPort audio is not supported.


  • RHEL5.X
  • RHEL6.X
  • Graphics adapters with integrated audio and DisplayPorts


  • While audio via the DisplayPort should work, some vendors choose not to test this function during hardware certification. This is allowed when alternate, supported sources for audio are also included with systems.
  • In this scenario, the audio capabilities of the graphics adapter is regarded as "unintended" and is not considered integral to support audio on the system.
  • If this kbase is attached to a hardware certification, please be aware that audio via DisplayPort was not tested or certified with RHEL.
  • An alternate audio source should have been provided and will be considered as the supported audio interface for the system.