Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on February 25, 2014

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We're pleased to announce the following enhancements to our Customer Portal included with our updates published on February 25, 2014. These features, along with numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements, are now available to all users.

Added Support for Russian

This release adds support for the Russian language. You can switch to Russian using the language selector, which is located in the top-right corner near the search bar.

Right now, only the core functions have been translated (e.g., the main navigation, case management), but more content will be added to support Russian in the future.

Even Better Notification Management

Our latest release offers even better notification management in several different areas.

Follow Users

Have you ever wanted to follow one specific user whose content always seems relevant to you? Following Customer Portal users provides you the ability to stay in touch with and informed about specific people of interest, and we've made it much easier to follow other community contributors. As you can see from the screenshot below, all you have to do is click on a user's name anywhere you find it on any type of portal content (discussion, Knowledgebase comment, et al). That will take you to the user's profile, where you'll see a button that you can click to follow that user. Click it again to un-follow.

At this time, the act of following a user subscribes you to receive email notifications of all content that user publishes, but in the future, we'll provide more flexibility that will allow you to be more selective (e.g., to only follow discussion posts from a user, or to only follow published solutions from a user).

To expand upon this new feature, you also now have a special area in your user profile to manage all the people you're following. In the true open source way, we're contributing this newly developed functionality for this Follow feature back to the Drupal community.

Editing Notification Preferences

With this latest release, you can now edit all of your email notification preferences from your profile without having to delete them and start over. Check out the cleaner functionality:

Wapps Updates

The Wapps team has several updates from February 17 that deserve mention:

  • A new feature from an RFE has been added to allow an org admin on an account to limit the notification emails received when users are created on that account. For example, on some accounts with multiple org admins, not all org admins wish to be notified when a new user is created in user management.
  • The "Red Hat Site Terms" term was removed because the Red Hat legal department no longer requires the "Red Hat Site Terms" term to be accepted before a user can login through SSO. See BZ 1052391 for more information.
  • Fixed a link within the body of the email that is sent to users who have had a certain number of failed login attempts.
  • Users now see the correct page when requesting a JBoss evaluation more than once.
  • Fixed a bug where the Customer Portal would throw a 500 error whenever any user that has an email address equal to or greater than 75 characters within their UGC profile.

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