Red Hat Network Release Notes 5.0.4

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The following topics are covered in this document:

  • Major Features
  • Maintenance
  • General

Major Features

The following are the major features of Red Hat Network 5.0.4.

Extended Update Support (EUS) User Interface enhancements

A major purpose of this RHN release is to address customer concerns and issue regarding the UI. Navigation to desired data via the Software Channels, SDC and/or SSM sites was very difficult, due to the large amount of target data associated with some customers. We have heard your pleas, and RHN 5.0.4. comes to the rescue! The query dropdown fields on the Software Channels, SDC and SSM pages now provide greater logic; resulting in quicker results.

New Business Rules

These apply to systems being migrated to and from EUS channels. The rules and Use Cases assume the existence of a valid base channel.

Business Rules

Where C

= original child channel, and D
= child channel in new base.

Apply to Use Case(s)

  1. Find a child channel D under
    the new base channel where C and D having matching taxonomies
    excluding their versions

  2. Verify that D is accessible to
    the user

  3. Verify that there are available
    subscriptions for D

  4. Unsubscribe system from C

  5. Subscribe the system to D

  • User Migrates from Non-EUS Base Channel to EUS Base Channel

  • User Migrates from EUS Base Channel to Non-EUS Base Channel

  • User Migrates from EUS Base Channel to EUS Base Channel

  1. Unsubscribe system from all non-custom channels

  2. Retain
    all custom channels subscriptions

  • User Migrates from Non-Custom Base Channel to Custom Base Channel

  1. Retain all custom channel subscriptions

  • User Migrates from Custom Base Channel to Non-Custom Base Channel

1: C is a
custom channel

1a. Do not unsubscribe C

  • Extensions

2: No matching
D is found

2a. Mark C as
an orphan

2b. Unsubscribe
system from C

2c. Move on to next child channel

  • Extensions

New Channel Taxonomy

These apply to systems being migrated to and from EUS channels. The rules and Use Cases assume the existence of a valid base channel.

  • Maker (e.g. Red Hat, JBoss, Alfresco)
  • Product name (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Application Server)
  • Product trimline (e.g. AS, ES, WS, Desktop, Server, null?)
  • Version number
  • Target architecture
  • Release state (e.g. production, beta, fastrack)

The taxonomy provides the following functionality

  • Makes the new business rules possible.
  • When migrating systems to or away from base channels, taxonomy provides the ability to maintain the systems child channels.
  • Improves the UI by acting as a tool for both Red Hat and our customers, to control the amount of data presented in a given screen [Software Channels, SDC, SSM].


The following bug fixes were implemented in RHN 5.0.4:

  • BZ# 253853 - Errata for RHN Satellite not visible on Red Hat Public Errata site
  • BZ# 273361 - SDC Configuration Overview checkbox does not correctly populate other checkboxes
  • BZ# 286121 - Remove older PERL code pages from SSM/Channel sites
  • BZ# 303461 - Add registration XMLRPC support for EUS
  • BZ# 309571 - Password validation in RHN does not meet the minimum character length standard for Red Hat
  • BZ# 328031 - Implement business logic to allow EUS customers to migrate child channel subscriptions when updating base channels for systems


  • As reflected by bug fix# 306571 listed in the Maintenance section, it had been previously acceptable for Red Hat Network passwords of a minimum of five (5) characters. However, for the purpose of consistency across the entire Red Hat domain, this has now been changed to a minimum password length of six (6) characters.
  • Addition of "Red Hat Network – Satellite" section to the Red Hat Public Errata site. []
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