Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on October 27, 2012

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p>In this release, you'll notice many changes across our knowlege platform that not only enhance the way Red Hat knowledge is presented, but also the way you are able to search and browse it.

Completely Refreshed Presentation of Articles, Solutions, and Videos

This release includes a large installment of presentation enhancements, including major updates to the way we present videos, Articles, and Solutions. You'll see a familiar icon in the top corner to help identify the type of content presented and a streamlined format of the content itself. The sidebar and footer have been similiarly streamlined for quicker recognization of your collaboration options.

Enhanced Browsing of Articles

We have been hard at work to improve the way you can search and browse knowledge content. Following the previous update to our videos, this release includes another installment of that work with an improved format of browsing Articles. Instead of a simple table, results are now displayed in a familiar format with additional information like rating, number of comments, and product information.

Filtering Options for Taxonomy Lists

We've pulled our filtering and presentation improvements into our taxonomy lists, such as knowledge by product (for example, Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and by category (for example, How To). We hope you'll find it even easier to browse content through these channels.

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