Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on September 15, 2012

Updated -

Video Enhancements

Our offering of video and rich media content has been completely refreshed with new features including high definition video, transcripts, chapter links, and more. In addition, we've refreshed the look and feel of the presentation to provide a more engaging, familiar feel. Check it out!

More Options for Filtering Knowledge

We've added several new filtering options to our knowledge list pages to improve your ability to quickly find answers. New options include full-text title searches in addition to options to limit results by product name, category, and more. Keep watching for even more enhancements in future releases.

Tech Briefs and Reference Architectures Join Articles Collection

We've upgraded our content structures for tech briefs and reference architectures and, in so doing, have merged them with our existing Knowledge Articles collection to provide an even more seamless experience. Rather than search and browse across three different data collections, you can now simply browse across one!

Don't worry about broken links. Any bookmarks will automatically redirect to the new location, including any previous list pages.

Coming Knowledge Refresh—Get a Sneak Peek!


p>Videos aren't the only content getting UX attention. We've been working on refreshing the presentation for all of our content, including a new iconography that we'll be dispersing through the entire Customer Portal platform. You can see a sneak peek of some of our work at the updated landing page for our Knowledge section.



You will also notice that we've provided direct links to both Knowledgebase Solutions and Articles within the main Knowledge menu. As our Knowledgebase and knowledge platform continue to grow, we want to give you even quicker access to the specific content you seek.

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