Version 1.4 of AMQ Streams released

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Version 1.4 of Red Hat AMQ Streams is available for download and installation.

The features added in this release for AMQ Streams on Red Hat Enterprise Linux include:

  • AMQ Streams now supports Apache Kafka version 2.4.0.

    • This version of Kafka adds incremental cooperative rebalancing for consumers and Kafka Streams applications, an improved rebalance protocol for implementing partition rebalances according to a defined rebalance strategy.
  • Support for ZooKeeper 3.5.7.

    • Kafka version 2.4.0 requires a new version of ZooKeeper. This version of ZooKeeper adds two configuration options: reconfigEnabled to enable or disable dynamic reconfiguration; and standaloneEnabled to enable or disable standalone mode.
  • Dynamic reconfiguration to scale ZooKeeper 3.5.7 up or down.

  • Support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.

  • Red Hat Single Sign-On integration.

  • Support for distributed tracing using Jaeger for the Kafka Bridge component.

Features added in this release for AMQ Streams on OpenShift Container Platform include:

  • AMQ Streams now provides Kubernetes-native management of connectors in a Kafka Connect cluster using a new custom resource named KafkaConnector.

  • Kafka listener certificates: set up server certificates and private keys for both TLS listeners and external listeners with TLS encryption enabled.

  • Controlled level of access to Kafka brokers (user quota): you can set two types of user quotas on the KafkaUser resource, including network usage quotas and CPU utilization quotas.

  • Support for PKCS #12 storage to manage certificates and keys in one place.

For more information, read about the new features and resolved issues in the Release Notes for the OCP edition and the Release Notes for the RHEL edition.

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