Red Hat 3scale API Management version 2.7 released

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Major features of the Red Hat 3scale API Management version 2.7 release include:

  • APIs as a Product; a new way to manage your APIs
    • Separate internal APIs (Backends) create customer-facing APIs (Products)
    • Expose any number of Backends as one Product
    • Re-use any Backend in any Product with different service-level agreements
    • Simplify customer access to multiple Backends by using a single set of credentials
  • APIcast policy to configure Camel policy extensions
  • Operator-driven upgrades

Other new capabilities are also included in this release, such as:

  • Improvements to the APIcast Logging policy
  • Configure a TLS Certificate per service with the new TLS Termination policy
  • Using OpenID connect, configure client identifiers from any JSON Web Token claim
  • Support for lazy loading of service configurations in APIcast
  • New API endpoint to check the status of recently deleted objects
  • High Availability (HA) and Evaluation (Eval) OpenShift templates
  • Use the 3scale capabilities operator to define 3scale tenants, APIs, plans, limits, and metrics

For a complete list of new and enhanced features in this release, review the Release Notes document.

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