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Major features of the Red Hat 3scale API Management version 2.5 release include:

  • In the APIcast API gateway, the new TLS Client Certificate Validation policy allows mutual TLS between the gateway and clients. In addition, this release provides a new content-based routing policy based on headers.
  • Support for configuring the allowed OAuth flows per API, so that when an API service is updated through the Admin Portal, the corresponding flows are enabled on the RH-SSO side.
  • A new option to stop processing mapping rules once the first rule is met.
  • Authentication settings for the API gateway now include a basic authentication option to allow the API credentials to be passed in an HTTP authorization header.

The following features are provided as Technology Preview. Technology Preview features are not supported with Red Hat production service level agreements and Red Hat does not recommend using them in production.

  • The Istio adapter introduces the ability to add API management capabilities on top of Service Mesh.
  • The new 3scale operator easily installs and syncs resources in 3scale API Management, providing advanced options to configure your 3scale solution at the time of installation. You can use custom resources to define 3scale tenants, APIs, plans, limits, and metrics.
  • This release includes high availability (HA) and evaluation (Eval) OpenShift templates.
  • The new Conditional policy executes a policy chain only if a certain condition is met. You can configure this policy via JSON.

For a complete list of new and enhanced features in this release, review the Release Information document.

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