Apply to join the Lighthouse Program (private Beta for hybrid cloud SaaS features)

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What is the Lighthouse Program for Hybrid Cloud Management?

The Red Hat Lighthouse Program for Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Management is similar to a high touch beta program, but as a brand new SaaS offering with no on-premise software to install, the process must be a bit different.

Like a Beta, this program is designed to foster stronger partnerships between Red Hat and customers selected to participate.
- Provides a unique forum to engage directly with Red Hat product teams
- Gives participants the opportunity to directly influence product direction and design by providing feedback about pre-release versions of new SaaS offerings.

This program for Hybrid Cloud Management focuses on 2 functional areas:
- Cost management to report, manage and optimize multicloud consumption and costs.
- Catalog to provide easy consumption of multicloud services backed by frictionless governance such as multi-level approvals, quotas, placement, etc.

How does the program work?
There are 2 phases:
- Sneak Preview Demos: Join one or more live demos from the product team to preview features in development and provide feedback. No login access provided during this phase.
- Tech Preview: Login to the new SaaS platform with special access before the new capabilities are Generally Available. This may require Red Hat to access and store your customer data in the public cloud.

What are the requirements to participate?
1. Willing to participate and provide feedback
2. No live project depending on the GA date of new features
3. Meet ONE of the following conditions:
- Current Red Hat OpenShift customer (preferably with multiple clusters)
- Current Red Hat CloudForms customer
- Current Amazon Web Services customer with multiple billing accounts (Azure support to be added later)

How can I join the program?
Apply to join the program with this Google form.

If you have any questions or need more information on this program, please send an email to

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