Learn about Red Hat Fuse version 7.3

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The latest release of Red Hat Fuse, version 7.3, provides numerous new and enhanced features and functions for you to try. For complete details about these additions, review the Release Notes.

New and updated features in Red Hat Fuse Online include:

  • API provider integration support means you can publish a REST API service for which you provided an OpenAPI schema. An integration that is not an API provider integration is now referred to as a simple integration.
  • The Google Sheets connector returns spreadsheet data or spreadsheet properties, as well as update spreadsheet values or properties.
  • The Apache Kudu connector can connect your Fuse integration to a Kudu data store.
  • Support for processing collections in an integration includes a split step to divide a collection into separate elements, and mapping to and from collections in a data mapper step.
  • An aggregate step joins elements into a collection.
  • Log steps can be added to a simple integration.

The following product capabilities are provided as Technology Preview in Fuse Online for this release:

  • Connectors for FHIR and OData
  • Camel-K as an additional runtime
  • Control of the OAuth2 behavior for an API client connector

Try these Fuse on OpenShift Technology Preview features:

  • The Hawtio Operator simplifies procedures for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling the Hawtio Console on OpenShift.
  • The Apicurito Operator installs, upgrades and uninstalls Apicurito on OpenShift.

The standalone distribution of Red Hat Fuse now supports these new capabilities:

  • Karaf console commands associated with the Elytron credentials store
  • Additional Camel components for Fuse on JBoss EAP
  • Camel Undertow consumer endpoints secured with Elytron on JBoss EAP
  • Fuse Tooling support for Camel language server protocol (LSP)
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