Announcing Red Hat AMQ Online 1.0!

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AMQ Online gives administrators the ability to configure a cloud-native, multi-tenant messaging service either in the cloud or on-premise. It allows developers to provision messaging when they need it and where they need it, serving themselves from an easy to use browser console. Multiple development teams can provision the brokers and queues they need from this simple console, without requiring each team to install, configure, deploy, maintain, or patch any software. Furthermore, AMQ Online is built on the foundation of Openshift, Red Hat’s proven container platform for state of the art scalability and availability.

AMQ Online combines the best features of Red Hat’s rock-solid AMQ product with the cloud accessibility of Openshift.

  • Low/no administrative costs - Consolidate operations in one small team, and let developers serve themselves
  • Quick time to value - Allow developers immediate access to messaging, on demand
  • Easy provisioning - For developers, get started from a browser, no installation or configuration required
  • Multi-tenancy - Installation managed as a unit, but instances are protected from each other
  • Flexible multi-language connectivity - Integrate systems and adapt to market demands and emerging technologies
  • Open standards - Provide interoperability between other vendor’s messaging clients and products providing protection from vendor lock-in.


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