RHSM 14.1.0 is now available

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Release 14.1.7

The 14.1.7 release contains one additional feature:

  • Contract and Subscription List Exports: You can now export Contract and Subscription lists.

The release also fixes one known bug:

  • Pool implementation queries Candlepin incorrectly (Subscription List performance/error improvement).

Release 14.1.6

The 14.1.6 release contains two additional features:

  • Systems List Enhancements: You can now export Systems List to CSV. Additionally, the compliance status is now next to System Name in order to better show Errata counts. RHSM also displays tooltips and screen reader labels next to Errata Counts, as well as updates More Filters for cross-browser compliance.
  • Overview Page Footer: Link to Web Store added to the footer of the Overview page.

The release also contains one known bug:

  • The More Filters section broken in Internet Explorer 11.

Release 14.1.5

The 14.1.5 release contains three additional updates:

  • Errata Web View:
    • The Overview page displays a count of each type of advisory applied to all systems and a subset count of each type of severity for a user based on their access level.
    • You can now see a list of all errata that apply to at least one system that they have access to which includes advisory number, synopsis, publish date, and the number of systems affected.
    • On the Errata List page, the number of systems affected is linked to a list of all systems to which the erratum applies based on the user's access. The system name links to system details, and that list can be filtered by name, UUID, system type, subscription status, and last check-in.
  • RHSM Web Systems Errata View:
    • On the Systems List page, the count of each type of errata applicable to each system and the count links to a pre-filtered system errata list (pre-filtered for that advisory type) is displayed. The column can be sorted by the count of Security Advisories.
    • On the System Details page, the tallies of applicable advisories, organized by advisory type and sub-counts the security advisory type sorted by severity. The icons for each advisory type link to pre-filtered list for that type on the System Errata tab.
  • Host/Guest Mappings:
    • You can see the name of the host hypervisor and User can easily navigate to the host hypervisor system details on a guest system.
    • You can see a list of guest systems and can quickly navigate to any of the guest systems on a host hypervisor. If you do not have access to one or more of those systems, based on the system level access control, you should still be able to see them, but they won’t be linked.

The release also contains one known bug:

  • Attaching Entitlements to virtual systems when fewer entitlements than the multiplier are available.

Release 14.1.3

The 14.1.3 release contains one additional update:

  • Localization: Customer Portal Subscription Management localization has been refreshed for all ten standard Portal languages. This updates the existing localization on the legacy RHSM Web screens and provides localization for the first time on the new opt-in experience.

Release 14.1.0

RHSM Web 14.1.0 is now generally available through Customer Portal and includes the following major enhancements:

  • System Package and Errata Listing: RHSM now displays the package profile and list of available errata for a system.
  • Systems List - Last Check-in Filter: RHSM has a new filter under System List which allows you to view system profiles that have not checked in since a certain date or at all.

The release also fixed two known bugs.

  • Splunk can't dup NilClass.
  • 500 error on new System Facts page.

For instructions on migrating to RHSM from RHN Classic, see the Migration Guide.

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